* Another reader submission! Y'all already know I started the waterworks when I listened to Sia this morning. This time, David befells the [Sheena] Beast[on].

The Only Song to Make Me Cry
Nicest Thing by Kate Nash
(post written by David K)

When I first downloaded Made of Bricks, Miss Nash's debut album, in January, I avoided this song because I suspected it to be a clone of Littlest Things, by Lily Allen, an artist who's vocals and music stylings strongly resemble Nash. One day, though, I was distracted while I had my iTunes on shuffle. A few seconds later, I heard a slow beat and sad strings and not long later, Kate started to sing. All of her other songs were so brash and loud, and to hear her slowly asking, almost begging her crush to love her was something shocking to my ear. This song rang particularly true for me, because there's someone who'll never know that I like them. Kate's compilation of "I Wishes" hit home to me. It struck a nerve like music had never done before. Many a day went by when I was asking those same things, but hadn't the courage to say it aloud.

This line blew me away:

"I wish you could remember the look on my face when we first met".

The song gets darker by the end, with Miss Nash wishing the object of her affection couldn't live without her. And haven't we all felt that at one time. It's such an emotional song for me. Especially when I'm sitting in class and I look at the object of my affection asking these same things Kate is asking of her potential beau, and finishing with something simple:

"Look, all I know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen, and I wish we could be something"

The theme overall bears a resemblance to We Get On, an earlier track in the album, but this song is so raw, so sensitive. It just pulled at my heartstrings, and by the second or third listen, I was blubbering like a baby. I truly felt like Kate had written the song for me. The call is so simple and plaintive, but it speaks volumes. I heartily recommend the song to anyone who needs a good cry for one, but mostly for those who feel like there's that one guy or girl who you'd want to be with more than anything, but silently resigned that it'll probably never happen. But nevertheless, you won't stop hoping.