It’s been an amazing year for Sia. Some People Have Real Problems was hailed by most critics as her best album yet, receiving raves from magazines and press media. She thrilled capacity crowds on a 22-city tour of North American last spring, along with her performance in front of 10,000 ecstatic fans at Coachella -- all of which helped her sell well over 100,000 records this year.

Sia’s gorgeous new video for Soon We’ll Be Found, which she performed in sign language as well as singing, has enchanted her fans. She recently performed the song on The Late Show with David Letterman, – if you missed the show, you can watch it below.

By the way, that post title is so true. I shall now immediately run to the ladies room here at work and shed some tears, since I can't stop listening to the mix she did on Letterman. Stick with it to the 2:52 mark. Those high notes...many tears. The Barbara Walters filter is a pleasant touch as well. Grab it below and weep with me.

This is all somewhat old news, so why are we reporting it? Probably because we're making a push to help you (whomever, wherever you are) to include this masterpiece on your top albums list of 2008. Some People Have Real Problems was released on January 8, 2008. You'd be lying to yourself if you have any inkling that we aren't including it on our list.

mp3: Sia - Soon We'll Be Found (live on Letterman)