I love that people listen when I throw a task their way! In all seriousness, Matthew, over at Mixtapes for Hookers and The Pop Chart, sent in a submission, and hell, it's a good one too. Want my job?

Take it away, you hookerish mixtape lover, you!

So, it's getting to be the time of year when everybody's making their year-end best-of lists, and, because I'm a nerd, I couldn't be happier. I'm even excited that Amazon posted theirs well before Thanksgiving because, you know, they get to hear things way ahead of time and lists like that always remind me of what CDs to ask Santa for. (Also, they remind me about CDs I liked at the beginning of the year that I've kind of forgotten about, like that awesome Raveonettes album from February.)

So, on my personal blog, I'll be counting down my 100 Favorite Songs of the Year starting on December 1st, which is the same day I'll start counting down my favorite albums on a different blog that I write for. And then I'll be counting them all down on the radio a couple of weeks after that.

But, I thought I'd take a minute to talk about the songs that really made my 2008 that weren't actually from 2008. The songs that kept me going through the rough patches and dance around like a loon during the better moments. So, without further ado, my top 5 old songs of 2008:

5. Miley Cyrus, See You Again, 2007
I didn't fully appreciate this song until the ever-tasteful Elisabeth Vincentelli said something about it on her blog, and then I gave it another listen and it promptly became my jam. Even seeing a bunch of cracked-out gay dudes singing along at the crackiest bar I know of couldn't ruin it for me.

4. Johnny Hates Jazz, Shattered Dreams, 1988
I've gotten a lot of flack for putting this song on, and came reeeeeeeeeeally close to playing it on a DJ night a few months ago, but my favorite musical moment of the year was when I was taking a hipster-filled letterpress class and put on my ipod to pass the time. And, of course, this was the first song to be played. Way to be cool, me.

3. Alton Ellis, A Whiter Shade of Pale, 1967 (?)
Possibly the best cover song ever. That organ! While I'm partial to basically all rocksteady versions of sixties pop hits, this one's completely sublime and provided the soundtrack to many a long evening.

2. Sunscreem, Love U More, 1993
This re-entered my life right around New Year's, when I started counting down my favorite hits of the 90s on my blog. And I think it made it onto every single party mix I made since then. While I don't really like most early nineties dance music, I can listen to this song thirty or forty times in a row and not get bored of it.

1. Crush, Jellyhead, 1997
I have no idea how this song passed me by in 1997. I was maybe too busy eating Spice Girls lollipops and Ben & Jerry's Cool Brittania while watching Masterpiece Theatre and listening to Pulp and Everything But The Girl all day, or something, but holy crap is this a wonderful piece of wonderfulness wrapped in a sparkly spandex Union Jack-themed unitard. And one that's made my tedious job(s) infinitely less tedious.

And that, in a nutshell my readers, is how it's done. Easy peasy. You wanna write a post for the site? Send it in. Matthew will tell you...I didn't even edit his post for content. So now it's your turn! You could say, "Sheena Beaston is a doodoo head", and I'll post as is.

But you'd never, right?