Last month, I brought you the news that one-half the dastardly duo of Thunderheist was taking a short break to focus on her solo efforts. While goodboy Grahmzilla is wrecking dance floors with his mixes, sultry singer, Isis Salam, has decided to go it alone...sort of.

While we still anxiously await material from the project dubbed Isis Salam and the Surprise Sex Band, chance stumblings through our lovely technological world brought me to a new song featuring the lovely lady. Fellow Torontonian, Mansion, enlisted Salam's dulcet tones on his houseriffic journey of a jam, Tight Like a Clutch.

Isis coos "stop playing with all my emotions and hold me tight as a clutch" over a rolling bass line and a hand clap worthy beat.

mp3: Mansion (featuring Isis Salam) - Tight Like a Clutch


Grahmzilla just put out a pretty killer mix of Little Boots' Mathematics. I was actually desperately searching for a fix of this song for my LB post earlier this no avail. And now, the solution!

mp3: Little Boots - Mathematics (Grahmzilla Remix)