Wow, what a song! But hold up first...just want to give all you dear followers, readers, fans of music and the like a general warning: as any good music writer/blogger does around this time of year, "best of" lists are being compiled. That said, I'm going through so many songs, stumbling across many a forgotten treasure*.

With the above prefaced, I'll undoubtedly come across songs I've loved, may or may not have already written about, but want to share with you anyway.

And so is the case with Dre Skull's I Want You. I have no other way to put it: I absolutely ADORE this track. Watch the Tron-riffic video below.

Doesn't that just make you feel good all over, inside and out? I could bathe in those synthily dreamy pop punches all day long.

*With that noted, get used to seeing some random posts pop up here over the next week or so. Most will be tracks that aren't particularly new...but all equally good!

mp3: Dre Skull - I Want You (AC Slater Remix)
mp3: Dre Skull - I Want You