Last week, the news broke that Diplo would be remixing Gucci Mane's Cold War mixtape series in support of the probation violator's December 8 album release. Well, today is both the official date in which GM's The State vs Radric Davis sees the light of day, along with the first exclusive track from the Mad Decent-ly mixed collection.

If this track is any indication as to both the relevance and reality of how gnarly the entire fix of Gucci's body work will be, then we're all in for a super mondo treat. Mane's gravely grumbles easily float over a ticktocking beat provided by Diplo's steady hand.

And if you think you're hearing a Mariah Carey Can't Let Go sample, then you're spot on.

Hat tip to Diplo!

mp3: Gucci Mane - Dangers Not a Stranger (Diplo Remix)