Queen Kwong is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and award winning cat handler (sort of) Carré Callaway. Discovered at age 17 by Trent Reznor, she was invited to support NIN on its sold-out With Teeth tour, and four years later, Callaway once again opened for the band's final tour, Wave Goodbye.

What began as a curious 4-track analog cassette recorded in Carré’s living room soon grew to become Queen Kwong, a full rock band that can be heard (primarily) at venues across Los Angeles. Presently, QK is in the last stages of finishing her debut, full-length record, which will be available this winter.

Queen Kwong sounds like the whispery child of Shirley Manson, strung out over the infamous buzz of Kris Novaselic's bass lines, and that makes this beast all sorts of excityed about what's left unheard from the magnetic musician.

Much like I Blame Coco (whom we recently featured/introduced), Queen Kwong ushers in a fresh new sound: young gals ready to bring back an updated take on riot grrls who rock and rage with extremely excellent results.

mp3: Queen Kwong - Pet