By no means do I consider myself a Weezy aficianado, but what I do know, is a hot slice of "I'mm'a slap you in the face with my 80s movie soundtrack base" hip-hop when I hear it. Hey Lil Wayne, what have you got cooking for us today?

Wayne's On Fire hit my inbox a few minutes ago, and it literally has set everything ablaze, for lack of any better terminology. Nestled over an iconic beat/sample, Lil dudeman drips his gritty and syrupy vocals down with a staccatoed consistency...if that makes sense to you.

Plus when you hear Weezy decry:

"Shorty let me play up in your matchbox, oh, she's on fire!"'d be hard pressed not to love this jam, which will appear on Lil Wayne's upcoming rock album, Rebirth, due out December 21.

I'm inclined to say (although I know I'm wrong, since it's this) that the sample comes from what is, basically, the best, and obviously raddest titled, movie to ever be made. It's Rad, duh. Only cause I will always look for an excuse to reference that fine piece of filmmaking.

mp3: Lil Wayne - On Fire