It's been quite some time since I posted anything about one of my beastliest obsessions of last year, Little Boots. After the release of her debut album earlier this year, I kind of went into "Hesketh hiding", what with no new material to feature, and the inevitable late year lull.

Today, an interesting bit of news to report...and it includes LASERS! Read what Little Boots has to say.

Hi everybody,

Have something very special to share with you over the next few weeks. As you may/ may not have heard/ guess, I kind of have a bit of an obsession with laser harps. Laser what I hear you say...well it's basically exactly what it sounds like, a harp made of laser. Youtube Jean Michelle Jarre if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Anyway this obsession has been growing and for a while now I have been trying to build my very own. This task was a lot more difficult than imagined, surprisingly they do not sell them at I have talked to and had help from lots of different lovely people and it looks like we are almost there, hopefully it will be ready for action for the gigs later this month. It's been a rollercoaster of a quest but we were lucky enough to have some very talented people follow me around with a camera on my mission, and have made some little films which we will be posting exclusively in the members section over the next month...

Watch part one of the series now.



This is all sorts of intriguingly promising. Let's keep our fingers crossed for new tunes in 2010...maybe even instituting this new device!

mp3: Little Boots vs Duran Duran - Film Girls in Town (DJ Copycat Mash)