Well that's quite a lengthy song title for an equally long mash. And you know what? I'm A-OK with every single second of it. Bundling up a great big love package of Diamond Cut and Dragonette is the quickest way into this beast's heart!

Here's the deal. Marc Johnce is a mashup producer from Nuremberg, Germany. Inspired by listening to mashups, he started producing his own tracks in September 2008. He's also known as one part of the Danish-German Mashup Forces (DMF) and Audio Lynch.

With some quick flicks of the wrist, Johnce snagged DC's mix of Amy Meredith's Pornstar and rubbed it down with the Canadian band's Pick Up the Phone, off their latest album, Fixin to Thrill. All in all...this is nearly 8 minutes of luscious gooey heaven.

Give it a spin and grin!

mp3: Amy Meredith (Diamond Cut Remix) vs Dragonette - Pick Up The Pornstar (Mark Johnce Mashup)