If the name Free School sounds familiar to you, it's for very good reason. With writer/producer credits for Kid Cudi (Heart of a Lion), Kid Sister (Daydreaming) and Kelis' upcoming album, the Los Angeles quartet's infectious beats and bangers are quick to jump to the top of our beastly playlist.

Comprised of Jean Baptiste, Michael McHenry, Nick "Public" Marsh, and Replay, Free School take a minute to halt in the assistance of others and pump out their own fist pumper. Grey Goose (Whatcha Sippin On) sounds like what might be an "Aoki Anthem", yet the dudes opt for chunky beats that make this new offering quite the sidewalk stomping club jumper.

And with Apl De Ap and our beloved Kelis on vocals, the track has it's fair share of sultry rasp and grit.

Wooo...who else is sweatin' this with me!

mp3: Free School (featuring Kelis and Apl De Ap) - Grey Goose (Whatcha Sippin On)