I needed a bit of new tuneage to get me through the waning hours of this long work day, and like a beacon of badassery, we've been hit with a dose of dub love.

First up, it's confession time. I do love Whitney Houston's "it wasn't my comeback single, but it's getting all the attention it deserves" song, Million Dollar Bill. Penned by friend, Alicia Keys, the song is suited in range and style for a woman who's "been through it all".

And yes, while we do dig it in original form, we truly get down when we throw on Vin Sol's edit.

Think of it this way. If you were listening to the song in a washing machine with a sketchy tickety tock snare beat laced throughout, it could only get worse, right? WRONG! Vin does exactly that and amps up the cred factor to this already Beaston-approved tune.

Give it a spin [cycle] and let us know what you think!

mp3: Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill (Vin Sol Dub Love Edit)