It's a known fact here in Beastonia, that I await with baited breath at the mere mention of new music coming out of camp Kite in the Air. They've impressed with every effort thus far, so it's so surprise that in getting an email late this aftenoon from lead vocalist, Emma, that there would be the subsequent post immediately afer listening.

Kite in the Air blew me away with their self titled debut EP back in May, so word of a second EP, due out later this month, makes me smile like no other.

Tonight, I've got the title track off of the late November release, Magic Marker, and can I just take a minute to revel, and say...WOW. The trio of Emma, Mike and Jed dive into an electronic pool of softly touching elements and emerge, drenching listeners in a wave of liquid love. Keep it locked in til the 2:00 minute mark when the song beefs up a bit and the always tight production takes the song to a bigger and beefier level.

Sit back and say aaaaah.

mp3: Kite in the Air - Magic Marker