After nearly a year of setbacks, title changes and numerous re-records, Kid Sister's debut album, Ultraviolet, is no longer unheard. With todaymarking the official release of the Chi-town fly gal's solo effort, we couldn't get our beastly ears around this fast enough.

It's been a long time coming, so does the wait make us love or hate the album? Let's see how Melisa Young and her super sibling persona fared, "twack by track", in 140 characters.

Kid Sister - 01 - Right Hand Hi [first single with super house influenced beat...chorus towers over where you from shouts...A]

Kid Sister - 02 - Life On TV [sounds like early 90s girl group hip-pop glitch elements and styled flow make it summer jam...B]

Kid Sister - 03 - Big N Bad [deep bass with jock jams inspired hit at :30 secs in...don't believe me? try and NOT dance around to this...B+]

Kid Sister - 04 - Step [the autotune is a bit overkill but estelle redeems the track with a hot guest on the chorus...wobbly undertone...B]

Kid Sister - 05 - Let Me Bang 2009 [has potential to be greater than is...the loungey laidback driving rhythm kind of killed it for me...C+]

Kid Sister - 06 - Pro Nails [if you dont already know/love this ode to funky styled tips, you're missing out on sick licks & rad beats...A-]

Kid Sister - 07 - Daydreaming [unexpected stunner...gritty verse hits lead to lightly soaring chorus...cee-lo lends vocals...we swoon...A+]

Kid Sister - 08 - Switch Board [take this one to the streets or the club...super quick flow lets kid sis and goes down easy...B]

Kid Sister - 09 - 54321 [no super strong feelings until the 1:10 mark hits...echo it and say word...tick tocks and shifty beat is neat...B-]

Kid Sister - 10 - Get Fresh [minimal first verse builds up to twinkling "get fresh" chorus...really digging on the deep drum/bass hits...B]

Kid Sister - 11 - You Ain't Really Down [kid sis sings over finger snaps and harmonic backings...this is straight up grittier en vogue...A-]

Kid Sister - 12 - Control [we've heard/loved this one many times before...perfect album and twurks over a scratchy beat...B+]

There was a serious amount of "hmm, what can we expect after so many delays" moment right before spinning the full album. But after giving it a solid listen, we applaud Young and her penchant for honoring her favorite styles of music. It's a natural fit for her to play off the late 80s/early 90s hip-pop influences, ultimately reuslting in a highly listenable and definitely "put it on repeat"-able debut effort.

Kid Sister's Ultraviolet is out now via Downtown. Buy it here.

mp3: Kid Sister - You Ain't Really Down