If you're a dear friend of the Beast, then you'll be well aware of my undying affection for all things Robin Thicke. He's my steaming cup of hot white chocolate, and his sensually driven songs are enough to make any listener weak in the knees.

Thick released the album, Something Else, in September of last year...and ever the workman, has a new release scheduled to land on December 15. The aptly titled, Sex Therapy, promises to showcase the crooner's silky falsettos with a mix of urbanized beats and bravados.

The title track has been floating around for some time, but it was the outpouring of soul and style heard on the song, Shakin it For Daddy, that immediately perked up thine ears. Featuring the inimitably in-your-face vocalse of Nicki Minaj, the tune flows from minimalistically modern to hardcore hip-hop in a matter of seconds.

Also give a listen to Meiplé (pronounced Me I Play), which wrangles Jay-Z for some licks on this light and breezy flirter.

mp3: Robin Thicke (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Shakin it For Daddy
mp3: Robin Thicke (featuring Jay-Z) - Meiplé