If it's a disco-influenced, pulse throttling jam that you're in the mood for this afternoon, then dadgum, you shall have it! Naturally, this track comes courtesy of a Beaston favorite: Fan Death.

Following in the recent success of the brilliant video for Reunited (watch it here), Fan Death return with a sneak preview of their A Coin For The Well EP, which is slated for a January 4, 2010 release through The Pharmacy Recording Company.

Newest to be heard from the output is Cannibal, which secures its roots much in the same dancey vein as Veronica’s Veil. Driven by a brilliant string motif, the lead track off the EP is churned out with dazzling results. This is a hook-filled dancefloor hit that is a pure leftfield pop classic in the making.

Now dance!

mp3: Fan Death - Cannibal