Performance are a group of popminded individuals, hailing from Manchester. Together, they create anthemically rad synth-laden indiepop. That collection of descriptors right there? That's the quickest way into this Beastly heart.

The band's debut album, (we are) Performance, shot out in 2007, but since the release, the member's have gone on to seek out side projects. Joe STretch became an internationally published novelist, while the pair of Laura Marsden and Joe Cross founded the band Kiss in Cities.

Over the past two years of playing around in other ventures, Performance decided to rally up and join forces again for a 2010 return. To celebrate their re-emergence as an electropop force to be reckoned with, we're pretty pumped to give you the song, Reptile, as a Beaston exclusive.

The song is an upbeat slice of fun pop that pairs sharp lyrics with a matching arrangement. Your gift is below.

mp3: Performance - Reptile