Last week, we brought you a video showcasing three acts that appear on the Kitsuné Maison 8 compilation. Included in the visual/aural presentation were London's dancepop trio, Chew Lips.

With only a handful of single releases to their name, Chew Lips' minimalist techno beats, coupled with smart-mouthed and edgy vocals are an easy addition to my musical battalion.

Tigs, Will and James have the ability to create genuinely unique pop tunes while maintaining a mark of sensibility and accessibility. Such is the case with previous works we've heard in Solo and Salt Air. With a new track, Slick, available for download, we're treated to another escape into pop bliss.

Grab it below, along with another one of our favorite Chew Lips songs.

Tha band is headlining a UK tour beginning on November 18. Hit up their 'Space for full dates and details.

mp3: Chew Lips - Slick
mp3: Chew Lips - Eight