With the lack of any previous Beaston updates surrounding the winsome warbles of London's Ellie Goulding, you may have thought we didn't care for her brand of music. Quite the opposite, and we're going to explain why, so please do read on.

It's not often that an artist with merely a song two can so widely affect a fickle audience, yet so goes the way of Ellie Goulding's rise to stardom with one, a cover song, and two, what may be considered as a "best song of the year", come late 2009 listing time.

And with this instant notoriety comes the waves of abundant adoration and articles, so we took a back seat, partially due to the massive amount of exposure, but mainly due to the fact that the first time we heard Under The Sheets, a fit of "the cries" overcame me with no warning. Pairing Starsmith's stellar production with Goulding's vulnerably whispered vocals, the song struck such a strong and personal chord with me, that as much as I truly cherish it, it's hard to listen to frequently, let alone express my feelings about it.

In what will most definitely be heralded as one of the Beaston favorites of the year, it's in this 3 minutes and 48 seconds that I feel completely at a loss and totally full at the same time.

Our boys, Baby Monster, have supplied a remix of the song, which appears on the official single release out now through Neon Gold.

mp3: Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Baby Monster Remix)
mp3: Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets