It's no lie that we kinda went cuckoo for :Kinema: earlier this year. Their style of easygoing and smooth pop music is one that makes a Beast like us relax and pay attention.

So at the very mention of a disco cover of a track that most kiddos claim to be among the best of the year, it was quite evident that after first listen, the next step would be to get this up and out to the masses as soon as possible.

Tackling Animal Collective, in any respect, is no small task. Seeing as how their works are so greatly heralded, most would be remiss in even thinking about reworking their visually and aurally artisitc songs. :Kinema: likes to stray from the pack.

Enjoy their lusciously laidback dance derivative of the oh so cool track, My Girls.

mp3: Kinema - My Girls (Animal Collective Cover)