Holy hedonism and bawdy behaviors! Simian Mobile Disco are on top of their game with a new video for the song Cruel Intentions. We'll readily admit that it took a few listens before we got thoroughly behind the track, but lately, it's been a source of constant enjoyment.

And now with some sensually deviant, if not disturbing, visuals to enhance the tawdry tale, SMD, along with the inimitable vocals of Beth Ditto, play out a dinner party amongst cougars. You can only begin to imagine what unfolds.

See if you're right, by watching the video below.

What'd we think? Is it wrong to be turned on by this? Not saying we are.

Just throwing it out there...for discussion.

mp3: Simian Mobile Disco (featuring Beth Ditto) - Cruel Intentions (Maurice Fulton Remix)