Roll call: Fool's Gold? Check! Wallpaper? Here! Mariah Carey? Wait...what? Let's do a little explaining.

We geeked out for Fool's Gold's catchily cutesy song, Surprise Hotel, a bit ago...and if there was one recommendation we'd make to make it better, well, we wouldn't look to Mariah Carey first, but then again, we're not the masher here.

Eric, of Wallpaper, writes:
When I first heard Surprise Hotel, I felt all these little thought bubbles effervescing in my brain. There is a lot to take in, on a musical level. The original vocal coats this exuberant track with a calm, peaceful beauty. So I started combing the universe for a vocal that seemed as wilin' out as those guitar parts and roughly the same tempo and / or key. Turns out Mariah Carey's Emotions is already in the exact same key (the relative minor) and dances atop the rhythm section like it was born to. This is the first segment of SiSTRS from Different MiSTRS.

Safe to say, we're big fans of this mash. More Mariah is always good Mariah.

mp3: Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel (Wallpaper's Mariah Mashup)