Pop, rock and electronica...all thrown together to collectively amount to one of the most overlooked and easily digestible albums of the year. That, in a few words, sums up the rise of Norway's Donkeyboy.

The Donkeyboy quintet is fronted by brothers Cato and Kent, who write and share lead vocal duties on almost all of the band's fresh, melody driven and 80s-inspired songs. The siblings are joined by Thomas, Peter and Alexander, who take care of drums, guitar and bass duties. Formed in 2005 the band are now ready, willing and more than able to scale the heights of the international pop world.

Releasing their debut single, Ambitions, in March of this year, followed by first album, Caught in a Life, last month, the lads quickly have secured a loving spot in the land of Beastonia.

Second single, Sometimes, is equally refreshing and catchy. So much so, that fellow Norwegians, a-ha, have asked the band to support them on the UK/Oslo leg of their Foot of the Mountain tour later this month.

mp3: Donkeyboy - Sometimes
mp3: Donkeyboy - Ambitions