We continue to be both amazed and at a loss for words when it comes to the music and messages coming out of Soho's (UK) Suds and Soda. We've written quite a bit about the mysterious pair, and are still no closer to revealing who they are, but that doesn't stop good music from flowing forth.

Now, this dynamic duo wows us with a rework, or what they like to call a "clash up". Bertie Blackman's Thump is a tune we were already crushing on, and now with the addition of some Suds, some Soda and whole gaggle of clashing, we've been given a second chance to love this all over again.

Here's what that randomly eccentric dup has to say about the fix...

"We have fucked with this one a fair pencil. Think the only part of the original is the acapella. All the beats and bass come from our sweaty pancakes! This one is inspired by peanuts(the nut) and peaches(the lady)

Clash Up = A musical collision featuring Suds and Sodas beats and treats. PHHHHHAAAARP!"

Who the hell knows how to translate weird? And at the same time, oh so rad!

mp3: Bertie Blackman - Thump (Suds and Soda Clash Up)