Shut up...I know I just posted on the brilliance that is Ellie Goulding's Under The Sheets. It makes me feel...things, and for a bold and brash Beast to admit that is a huge leap. It's also generally not in my nature to post so recently on the same song, albeit different mix, in such a short time span. But...

...gosh darn those boys, The Knocks. Word of their mix of the song floated around just after I had published the earlier verbiages, so I knew there would have to be another piece featuring it this afternoon. See, the dudes know how to make a good mix, while paying respect to the original tune.

And so goes the way of their fix of Goulding's spectacular song. Magical mix for a fantastic original.

This gives us some time to bask in the lyrics though. You know how to cut to the core of me? Sing something like this...

You left your blood stain on the floor
You set your sights on him
You left a hand print on the door,
Like all the boys before, like all the boys before (boys boys boys boys)

...and I'm yours forever.

mp3: Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (The Knocks Remix)