About once every 3 or 4 months, my sister and brother-in-law throw a major event, all in the vein of jolly good times of music, burlesque, juggling, fire dancing, wire-walking, and more.

Here are all the details you need.

The Return of Rococo Party: A Baroque Bash!

Where: teneleven, 171 Avenue C (btw. 10th and 11th Streets), East Village, NYC
When: Saturday, November 14, 8pm
Cost: $5 cover or $2 if you don period costuming

The extravagance of 1770 rococo Paris meets the eclecticism of 2009 underground New York nightlife.

Think Amadeus, Marie Antoinette, the Marquis de Sade, etc...but with a thoroughly modern twist. This 6th installment of the party will feature burlesque, wire-walking, fire-dancing, juggling, spectacles, unicycling, live art, and live techno baroque and rococo rock music.

Powdered wigs, powdered faces, candelabras, masques, and big hair will all abound in the most baroque ball since the guillotine came down!

Best costume wins a prize! Attire is encouraged, but certainly not required!

mp3: Malente (featuring Knixx) - Rock Me Amadeus (Falco Cover)