The highly anticipated and much agonized over video for Lady Gaga's Bad Romance has just debuted. Sticking true to the blueprint by which she says it was conceived, the video finds the lost lady taken hostage by Russian sex traffickers, and well, the possibilities are endless.

With an abundant supply of fashion, freaks and frighteningly frenetic and amazing choreography, Lady Gaga outdoes herself with a polished video that unfolds the tale of her transformtion from imprisoned slave to victorious vixen over all maligned romancers.

Watch it now.

There's a certain amount of respect that must be attributed to Lady Gaga. As much as you may love or hate her, when a talented pop artist like she, is given the freedom to write the songs and create the visions that they embody, the results are tremendous.

Stellar song and SUPERB video.

mp3: Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Glam As You Club Mix)