The second half of 2009 has definitely fit nicely into the pocket of one, Amanda Blank. With her solo debut album, I Love You, seeing release, a bevy of videos, singles and remixes spewing forth, a tour alongside the queen of electroclash seems befitting of Blank's rise to international notoriety.

First up, the fine folks over at Grandcrew recently updated their stash of video selections with footage from this year's July 4 Eurockéennes de Belfort celebration in France. Blank took the stage, to what many considered an introduction to her new material. After having seen her live performance 4 times this year, it's safe to say that this video is a great representation of what's in store for her remaining 2009 dates.

Watch the lass, backed by power duo, Devlin and Darko, below.

Did you catch those transitions? The Missy Elliott hits make me love it a little more with each view/listen.

And in case you were wondering were you can find dates for Peaches' year long tour, with this leg being supported by Amanda Blank, well, those are here. You better believe this Beastly butt will be in attendance, comeplete with a change of clothes post sweatfest.

mp3: Amanda Blank - Shame On Me (Viking Remix)