The past few months have been overtaken by Trouble and Bass mastermind, Drop The Lime. Whether it's his original songs, or the way that he expertly remixes and fixes up equally delicious delights, it's no lie that the blogworld has been overtaken with the mad genius of DTL.

Last month, a new song, Set Me Free, was introduced upon wanting ears. The track features the heart-stoppingly housey vocals of newcomer, Carrie Wilds. So how do you pay respect to an offering that is already prety much near perfect? Ask NROTB.

We follow the Quebecian duo of Mister Ed and Mr. P with great care and caution, if only because as soon as we spin one of their fixes, it's inevitable that the feet start flying and the sweat starts pouring, regardless of where we are at the time. So with both their Dark and Carnival mixes of Set Me Free, we proceeded with an anxious trigger finger.

As expected, delivery is a success. The two reworks do sound a slight similar, but it's the echoey nuances of the Dark mix that keeps us coming back for more. Both are generously grand and definitely Beaston approved.

mp3: Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (NROTB Dark Mix)
mp3: Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (NROTB Carnival Mix)