Thanks to this neato dude for reminding me to check my email thoroughly, or else I would have totally missed this killer fireblazer that strolled through yesterday. That said...

Talen is the rock'n'roll/dubhall badassery known as four gnarly dudes hailing from Switzerland (which I think is a first mention of the neutraland here). Kingston Book is the pair's debut EP release. The offering features Jamaican dancehall devils Sizzla and Cutty Ranks, bringing us to what you came here for: free stuff.

The Vibes grabs vocals from the sizzle mister himself, and sprinkle 'em all over a jauntily arranged "it'll never quit" beat.

Kingston Book will be released digitally and as vinyl 12" on October 23, via Mouthwatering Records.

mp3: Talen (featuring Sizzla) - The Vibes
mp3: N.A.S.A. (featuring Sizzla, Amanda Blank and Lovefoxxx) - A Volta