One of the first people we ever featured here was Josie Stingray. Don't believe me? Go here and look at the date, while you kindly pay no mind to the shitty image style I was repping. Thank you.

Now, thanks to the magical little marvel known as twitter, we got an update on what the slicklipped chick has been up to; her EP is done! Radness to the max. Tweet proof viewed here. Citing influences from Fiona Apple to Keyshia Cole, Yukmouth and everyone in between, I'm pretty sure I can guarantee that this release is gonna be bananas!

No word on when it's actually getting a release date, but we're taking steps in the right direction!

To celebrate, let's go way back to the song that stole my heart. Doing My Thang has a certain retro juking vibe that we just can't quit, and also features the inimitable vocals from Ms. Jack Davey.

mp3: Josie Stingray (featuring Jack Davey) - Doing My Thang