Last week, Binary dropped two delicious debut singles, along with a bevy of beastly remixes which I bestowed upon you. Yesterday, they blasted out the second set of tunes off of LA Lights, their massive project, which has been a year's worth of passionate work.

The tracks are Heatwave and Fascination, oh, and they are GNARLY GOOD. But instead of writing about these, I'll instead direct you over to the world of Too Many Sebastians, cause he's got the goods.

And then, I'll hit you up with a remix done by MMMajorly cool dude MMMatthias. He worked over Fascination, per the request of NightWaves. His fix makes you feel like you're in a peripherally engaging pipeline headed for outer space.

Make sense? It will when you have this pumping through your headphones.

LA Lights was just released on Tuesday, so you know, go get it here.

mp3: Nightwaves - Fascination (MMMatthias Remix)