Those mondo major Meterhead kids are back with their October offering of official remixes. These will all be released in the coming weeks, but they're rad, and you are too, so you get free stuff in advance. It's just "win-win" logic.

First up is a 123BPM reworking of Wale's anthem, Chillin', which features the "what won't she wear" lady known as Gaga. This is coming out for realzies on Interscope in the next few...cheers to that!

Next up, an electro remix of indie rockers' Black Lips collaboration with Wu-Tang legend GZA. Drop I Hold will be available from Vice Records. This might be my favorite mix Meterhead has put out, and that's either due to the gritty grime they laced all over the tune...or my undying affection of GZA. Let's chalk it up to both, cause this mix is gnarly!

Finally, Meterhead gets its paws on the Acid Girls' Wake Up, which features Croydon dudeman, Frankmusik.

Pretty nice way to start your Thursday, right?

mp3: Wale (featuring Lady Gaga) - Chillin (Meterhead Remix)
mp3: Black Lips (featuring GZA) - Drop I Hold (Meterhead Remix)
mp3: Acid Girls (featuring Frankmusik) - Wake Up (Meterhead Remix)