Here's the deal. Bacardi is good. Drop The Lime is better. Put 'em together and you've got one drumified bassy cocktail befit of late night drunken sweatfests.

Let's back up a hot minute. See, Bacardi pays blog-worthy artists a bunch of money to put out tracks. Which is no terrible thing in this current climate of "bad people" downloading music for free, right?

Well this monstrous tune is Devil's Eyes, which is Drop The Lime's new single. And it's actually the first time that Bacardi has put out an original piece of music - usually they've gone the route of remixes for the likes of Chromeo, The Twelves, Metronomy etc.

There's going to be some hot remixes coming soon, courtesy of Classixx and another top secret massive name...

mp3: Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes
mp3: Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (Luca's B-Live Club Mix)

PS: Discobelle is running a giveaway. Any one of 100 copies of the actual 12" can be yours. Go check it here.