The world seen through the eyes of Charles Darwin forms the basis for the performance Tomorrow, in a rear. The Danish theater production company, Hotel Pro Forma, and their striking visuals blend with pop-duo The Knife’s ground-breaking music to create a new species of electro-opera.

An opera singer, a pop singer and an actor perform The Knife’s music and represent Darwin, time and nature on stage. Six dancers form the raw material of life, together with the newest technology in light and sound, display out image of the world as a place of incredible variation, similarity and re-discovered unity.

I've long been waiting to see footage of what is being hailed as an international and inspirational masterpiece since the opera opened in early September, and now, thankfully, we can finally share some video with you.

Pay attention to the 5:54 mark on. So typically "Knife". So massively amazing.

You can view another sampling of the music from Tomorrow, in a year here. Unfortunately, we don't live in any remote proximity to the Scandinavian theaters which house upcoming performances of the opera. But if you do, I'd suggest checking out dates and securing tickets here.

mp3: The Knife - You Take My Breath Away