About 2 months ago, I fell into a major swoonfest with all things Jack Splash. The oft praised producer of songs like Alicia Keys' Teenage Love Affair and Solange's T.O.N.Y. immediately grabbed my attention with his prowess and knowledge of things funk and r&b.

Originally slated for a late fall release, Splash's debut solo album, Technology and Love Might Save Us All, has been pushed back to an early 2010 offering (date TBA).

With guests like Missy Elliott, Jazmine Sullivan and Lupe Fiasco all lined up on supporting songs, this is very well worth the wait. My immediate attraction was directed towards I Could Have Loved You, a tightly wound ball of funky energy that just begs for me to break into dance regardless of where I'm out.

Now, Sinden has scrubbed it all up and down and we've got his mix for you. Apparently, a Beaston fave in BURNS, has also been working on a fix of this jam. WHAT!

mp3: Jack Splash (featuring Missy Elliott and Jazmine Sullivan) - I Could Have Loved You (Sinden Remix)