I think it might become standard to look in on Tommie Sunshine about once a week here. I don't think anyone works nearly as hard as him, and each and everyone of his remixes, edits and retouches are unique, interesting and easily accessible.

And since we promised to keep bringing you eerily holiday-tinged tracks, whether in sound, style or songname, Mr. Sunshine just dropped word of his retouch of a Beaston favorite artist in Kelis, and her song Trick Me. Get it? Like trick-or-treat. It's not a stretch here, kids.

The original song is so killer in and of it's own right...complete with it's popping beat and downtempo reggae flavor. With his version, Tommie speeds up the pace, adds some striking synth glitches and reconfirms everything I dig about the song and his own personal flair.

This trick is ALL treat.

mp3: Kelis - Trick Me (Tommie Sunshine Brooklyn Retouch)