Happy Halloween, kind of! We've got the trickiest treat to set your "pants pumpkins" to party mode, and naturally it comes from the ghoulishly cool boys of The Hood Internet.

Sure this song isn't particularly spooky, eerie, frightful or anything remotely holiday related but it's pretty damn slick, in that it pairs "song of the year" contender in aNYway with Consequence's ubertight licks from Whatever U Want.

I know what I want, and it's more goodies like this on Halloween Eve!

Sidenote: what's the WORST thing you've ever gotten while trick-or-treating? In my heyday, there was an old lady who used to give out dimes. Wait, not multiple dimes per kid. Each individual got a ten cent piece.

mp3: Consequence vs Duck Sauce - Anyway You Want (The Hood Internet Mash)