I've created both the term and act of "chancing" as that in which, you are at work, in your chair, and a tune comes on that you can't stop bouncing along to. Chair + dancing = chancing. I've mastered the art of it, and now I have even more reason to participate in said antics, thanks to this boss mix!

Last month, we told you all about Drop The Lime's original tune, Devil's Eyes, which was penned for Bacardi. And while a whole slew of remixes, both of the legit and unofficial varieties, have come out to mixed reviews from my little mind, today we've got one that's sure to make you swoon.

This mix comes soaring in from a random London grime-kid that DTL absolutely loves and insisted that he did a remix. Kanji's mix is aggressive, dirty, certifiably bananas, and totally ready for you to "chance" the day away to.

mp3: Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (Kanji's B-Live Mix)

BONUS! In an oddly coincidental twist of fate, we've just found out that the Van She cover we posted below...is the rumored next B-Live track to come out of "camp Bacardi". I like when things work our nicely like that.