If you were to ask me to name a truly innovative artist with a flair for all things perfectly molded out of the clay that is electropop, I'd be quick to say, "Oh my god, I know the answer to this one...it's Dan Black!" Can you sense my excitement?

Black is the sort of artist that easily merges his sense of fun with extraordinary talent. With instant hits Alone and I Love Life spreading like the plague throughout the blogger community, it's evident that DB has the songs to make the girlies swoon and the panache to make the duders wish they were him.

In case you;ve been living as a hermit, and have just now found how to use the internet, then please, by all means, view what will very well may be coined "Sheena Beaston's Video of the Year", courtesy of Dan Black and Symphonies.

Upon having raved about his works for the better part of this past year and a half, it gives me great pleasure to know that he's bringing his French-via-London butt over to the States next week...specifically, during CMJ! Here's where you can catch him.

October 23 - On The Side @ Seaport Music Festival
October 24 - Windish Party @ Santos House

mp3: Dan Black - Pump My Pumps
mp3: Dan Black - HYPNTZ (Notorious B.I.G. Cover)