It's almost hard to believe that Gossip have been around for over a decade now. Sure, they caught major fire prior to their third album, but the established rockers have long since been honing their craft, and their finest was front and center on an already radly entertaining NYC night.

Before this past Friday, you might be quick to color me hypocritical. See, Gossip haven't been a staple of posts within. I'd always admired them from afar, but it seemed like I couldn't muster enough praise to devote to predicates and paragraphs. For whatever reason, it just fell short for me.

And now I know why. Apparently, I was waiting to see them in person, because Gossip's live show puts anything you've ever heard recorded by them to shame. Sure, it's easy to make that statement for nearly any bodaciously big acts, but when the trio of Nathan Howdeshell, Hannah Blilie and Beth Ditto set foot on stage, an immediate spark of energized connection was felt in the crowd.

Sadly, I could only stay for half the set, as I had to make my way up to the American Museum of Natural History for Amanda Blank's set (more to come on that!); however, I was privvy to see Gossip blast through Pop Goes the World, Love Long Distance, and one of my favorites in Your Mangled Heart.

In support of their latest album, Music For Men, Gossip have been on an extensive tour which goes through the end of November. If you've yet to see them live, I'd be quick to recommend it!

mp3: The Gossip vs The Emotions - Mangled Heart (iamxl mashup)