There's no better way to kick off an early morning at work than by pumping some Diamond Cut remixes. Last week, we brought you his works done with the rad Binary crew, amounting in the LexiconDon Heart Attack mixes.

With 2 newer-ish fixer-uppers, DC pulls out all the stops when it comes to both the grand sweeping dreamwaver scene and the mysteriously transformed "dark into light" working of an Australian goodie.

First up, Amy Meredith, they of an indie pop background get all cut up by the Diamond dude. Porn Star is a treat in and of itself, but with the aid of the "rare jewel rework", the song goes from everyday cool to obsession status.

Then dive headfirst into Freaky Sweetie, a beating bouncer courtesy of Cassette Kids. Again, the original is fine on it's own, but you'd never know what sort of slickness you were missing out on if it wasn't for Diamond Cut.

Thought I'd be a little more tired after a long night of sitework. Not the case.

Appreciations are in order.

mp3: Cassette Kids - Freaky Sweetie (Diamond Cut Remix)
mp3: Amy Meredith - Pornstar (Diamond Cut Remix)