After bringing you the super spice that is Forca Do Futuro, otherwise known as the side project of the long loved Beaston fave, The Fire and Reason, we were itching to hear some new material from the always hot duo of Bella and Steve.

And whaddayaknow? We woke up (super early) and were greeted with a most pleasant treat in our continually "bursting at the seams" inbox.

Perfect Boy is a new track from the totally killer NYC pair, and it's basically unlike anything you've ever heard from TFaR. Starting off with a minimialistic beat that is majorly Tom Tom Club influenced, and immediately swoon worthy, this downtempo ditty goes down ever so smooth.

Opting for a "hey boy I dig your vibe" lyrical set, Bella's vocals lightly sit on top of the always impressive Steve-styled arrangements. Oh yeah, and then there's a pretty sweet breakdown hailing the "bad boy", before jumping back into the love fest.

REMINDER: The Fire and Reason have a bunch of shows this week for CMJ. My advice? Go check them out tomorrow at DROM, because Beaston fave, Terry Poison, is on the bill too!

mp3: The Fire and Reason - Perfect Boy