The Slips have, well for lack of a better term, slid into the wanting ears of the blogworld and come out with a number of stellar mixes, including fixes for Kylie Minogue, Phoenix and Daft Punk. Now, they've got a new venue to give us good music. Start applause now.

The Slips have a tidy new web site, and the London trio has decided to use this outlet to offer really rad and 100% free cool stuff.

Here's their take:

"We thought you might like to know we’ve decided to start makingmixtapes…a collection of our own TRX, RMX’s & Mash-Up’s. The first ever one is ready now and is a mixture of our favorite bands, including MSTRKRFT, The XX and some of our own big tunes.

You can get the Mix Tape at our New Web Site, which still has all our other stuff to download. We offer all our music for free!"

Yeah, we can get behind that! Tons of free stuff can be devoured here, or you can sample one of their edits from said initial mixtape below.

mp3: The XX - Basic Space (The Slips Rework RMXX)