Over the past 2 months, one album has been a source of constant "play-and-repeats" here in the land of the Beast...and that title belongs to Imogen Heap's Ellipse. With songs raging from the quietly introspective to the gorgeously sweeping in style, Heap keeps me coming back for more.

Lead single, First Train Home, is Imogen's narrative on a real siutuation in which she was unwillingly out when shen'd rather have been in the confines of her own flat. She took the first tranport out, and wrote the song that morning. Her desire to break free from the situation was depicted in the video, which can be seen ehre.

Now, we have the alternate version to the video, directed by the songstress herself. First Train Home (Immi's Party Version) sees the singer in a more personal light, emoting while her friends have a verifiable blast. It's shot in the room where she wrote the song, so it's all come full circle.

View the alternate video below.


A short time ago, Imogen mentioned she was working with IAMX. And work they did, creating the song My Secret Friend, now with accompanying and mesmerizingly gender bendingly rich visuals.

mp3: IAMX (featuring Imogen Heap) - My Secret Friend
mp3: Imogen Heap - First Train Home (DJ ZAX vs Stonebridge Remix)