Twindie sisters, Tegan and Sara, along with their 6th studio release, Sainthood, have jumped on into the Beastonian world of twack marking this afternoon. The album has been a staple in rotation for the past few weeks, but now that the record is officially out, we thought we'd go on and give 'er a proper review.

Dare we say it, but here are the twack marks for "TWegan" and Sara's album, Sainthood.

Tegan and Sara - 01 - Arrow [chunky riffs lead into sweetened choruses...lyrically solid...wouldn't use it as opener but im not in band...B]

Tegan and Sara - 02 - Don't Rush [its clear t&s hit rock in this albums clearly more ROCK than idyllically pretty releases...B-]

Tegan and Sara - 03 - Hell [fast paced w/ quicker sung chorus & unique the "oh oh, hell no!" staggers...t&s in fine form...A]

Tegan and Sara - 04 - On Directing [a favorite...2.5 mins of swoons...double beat drum & "go steady with me" lyric slays me every time...A+]

Tegan and Sara - 05 - Red Belt [sentimental, short and sweet...simple arrangement and construction leaves you wanting more than 2 mins...B+]

Tegan and Sara - 06 - The Cure [not particularly unique although breakdown & harmonies at the 1:45 mark are considerably knee weakening...C]

Tegan and Sara - 07 - Northshore [more of "in your face" strumming and singing style...punk flair...backing vocals near end are KILLER...B-]

Tegan and Sara - 08 - Night Watch [gritty guitar scratches in chorus balance out the softer verses...the last 30 seconds are best part...B]

Tegan and Sara - 09 - Alligator [in love w/ "alligator tears cried over you"...minimal & lovely...nice stray from the aggressive songs...A-]

Tegan and Sara - 10 - Paperback Head [interesting...basically sounds like it takes elements from every song heard on the album so far...C+]

Tegan and Sara - 11 - The Ocean [i can totally live without this one...will definitely skip over it on future listens...nothing special...D]

Tegan and Sara - 12 - Sentimental Tune [love when wordplay is involved...nerve, nerving, nervous...not favorite but not skipper either...C+]

Tegan and Sara - 13 - Someday [hits at average...its good enough, but am glad album ends here...definitely tails off in last few songs...B-]

Overall, I'm in love with the first half of the album, dotted with a glimmer of light in the latter portion. Potentially with a track rearrangement, my ratings might've been higher but 'tis not the case. I WILL however swoon over the fact that nearly every song is just about 3 mionutes long. My short attention span thanks you, oh Canadian darlings.

Tegan and Sara's album of which I'll continually play the same 5 or 6 songs over and over. Guaranteed.

mp3: Tegan and Sara - Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)