Tiesto is widely regarded as a legend of electrodance house music. For years, he has gone by many aliases, yet the music is always identifiably known as the Dutchman's work. With his 4th studio album, Kaleidoscope, set to be released in early October, Tiesto is on a media blitz through the iNet; but is he strong enough to face the beast?

Tiesto - 01 - Kaleidoscope (featuring Jónsi) [harmonic etherealness...serene and very warm...interesting opener...beats up after 5 mins...B]

Tiesto - 02 - Escape Me (featuring CC Sheffield) [wakes you up from first crash...poppy tune...will be forgettable after first listen...B-]

Tiesto - 03 - You Are My Diamond (featuring Kianna) [vocals reminiscent of early 90s housers...2:39 mark on is better than first half...B-]

Tiesto - 04 - I Will Be Here (featuring Sneaky Sound System) [immediately dig verses which seem stronger than chorus...booming finish...B]

Tiesto - 05 - I Am Strong (featuring Priscilla Ahn) [quiet piano w/ ahn's vocals is refreshing...rad doubletime beat builds up to mid8...A-]

Tiesto - 06 - Here On Earth (featuring Cary Brothers) [heavy bass even on this slower track...hand claps in breakdown...smooth vocals...B+]

Tiesto - 07 - Always Near [only 1:34 in length...can hear this echoing through a big hall, but its unnecessary or shouldve been longer...B-]

Tiesto - 08 - It's Not The Things You Say (featuring Kele Okereke) [maybe it's that i don't like bloc party but this track is not good...C-]

Tiesto - 09 - Fresh Fruit [skip the first 2:45 of the song & you'll be hit with spine shaking bass...too bad we dont review half tracks...C]

Tiesto - 10 - Century (featuring Calvin Harris) [think i already heard this one earlier on album...harris kicks in at 3 mins...it's meh...C]

Tiesto - 11 - Feel It In My Bones (featuring Tegan & Sara) [dramatic & heart wrenching...makes you forget awful middle section of album...A]

Tiesto - 12 - Who Wants To Be Alone (featuring Nelly Furtado) [amazing...so huge...glitchy beat with dark and daring vocals...in love...A+]

Tiesto - 13 - LA Ride [definitely one i'll skip on future listens...high pitch beeps are grating & make me never want to hit play again...D]

Tiesto - 14 - Bend It Like You Don't Care [will undoubtedly put you on the dancefloor...tiesto's at best when he doesn't overthink it...B+]

Tiesto - 15 - Knock You Out (featuring Emily Haines) [genius...haines' sultry vocals and housey electrodance elements are perfect pair...A+]

Tiesto - 16 - Louder Than Boom [sounds like nintendo from the get go...waiting for bowser to attack...the onslaught is worth the wait...B]

Tiesto - 17 - Surrounded By Light [another aural pleaser to end album...wet droplets of sound go down so easy...kick back and say aahh...B-]

And there you have the twack marks for Tiesto's Kaleidoscope. It's rather up and down as a whole. If you notice, there were only 4 "A's" given, and a plethora of so-so average grades. while Tiesto is known for his instrumentals, I can't help but gather that every song with vocals gets a little more respect from this beast. Pared down a few songs, this would be an excellent choice for a go-to power party play!

mp3: Tiesto (featuring Nelly Furtado) - Who Wants to Be Alone