Last night, Frankmusik entered New York City with a fistful of dancepop, ready to be thrown onto an eager crowd. This being the Londoner's first show in this grand town, he was eager, he was dynamic, and he put on a show that wowed this initially hesitant blogger.

After hearing Frankmusik's self-titled debut album, it's easy to praise the tight production and slinky arrangements. So yes, I was curious as to how that would transform into a live stage show.

I never should have had such doubts, because Frankmusik's performance last night at The Fillmore, part of the Perez Hilton Presents...tour, was a 20 minute ball of firepowered energy and charisma. Beginning with a beatboxed intro (yes, he was a former mc magician, known as Mr. Mouth), FM aka Vincent Turner made the kiddos dance with hits 3 Little Words, Better Off As Two and Confusion Girl, before ending with his rousing rendition of Rihanna's Please Don't Stop the Music.

After his set, I caught up with Turner to have a brief ol' chat.

SB: Congrats on your first New York City performance! Your set was so energetic, that even the kids up in the balcony wouldn't stop dancing!

FM: Thank you. This is actually my first time ever being in New York.

SB: Oh, so you've never even visited here before?

FM: No! First performance and first time here. It's great. I love this place.

SB: What did you think of the crowd tonight?

FM: They were on. Very good.

SB: This is your last night on the Perez Tour, and then you hit California to finish up September. What's set to happen once you head back home?

FM: Recording. Will be done with the new album in 3 months time.

SB: New album? Amazing! Are you doing all the recording in London?

FM: Actually, what I'm planning is to come back to the States and record it all over here in various cities. And then I'm moving to New York.

SB: I'll be sure to tell the city to take good care of you. Thanks for your time!

So yep, there it is. New musik of the Frank variety will be coming soon, and he's also jumping the pond to bring up residency right here! Get your dancing shoes ready.

mp3: Dead Disco - Youre Out (Frankmusik Remix)