I make no bones about my torrid obsession with Pitbull, he of a lazily sexy swagger and flow. With the release of his 4th album, Rebelution, on August 31, comes my repetitive listening habits. And from there, it's clearly evident that this album needed a proper "tweview".

Pitbull's back and his bark is as big as his bite when he starts spitting both sexy and silly lyrics throughout this album. But can this big dog stand up to the beast? The "twack marks" don't lie.

Pitbull - 01 - Triumph [horns section remind me of 50s big band sound...powerful opener...pit says hes back but never left...i believe...A-]

Pitbull - 02 - Shut It down [beat never quits...most tolerant i'll be of akon...rad handclaps...robot voices...pit makes play for pay...B+]

Pitbull - 03 - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) [rap and count to me in half english/spanish any day and we're solid...complete hit...A]

Pitbull - 04 - Girls [ke$ha comes in to talk about trying it all by teasing mr 305...provocative and pounding...verses outshine chorus...B-]

Pitbull - 05 - Full of Shit [starts off just ok with repetitive chant...raps over minimal snaps in prechorus...ginuwines pony drops in...B-]

Pitbull - 06 - Dope Ball (Interlude) [funky key section with pit reminiscing about drug days...might've actually made a rad full track...B]

Pitbull - 07 - Cant Stop Me Now [immediate love...throttling beat samples white stripes...new royales sing hook...chorus hits & i melt...A+]

Pitbull - 08 - Hotel Room Service [nightcrawlers sample is grossly overused...only thing lowering the grade...puns are on point though...C+]

Pitbull - 09 - Juice Box [i never doubt pit's humor, and it comes through on this spanish dance stomper...great use of brass again...B-]

Pitbull - 10 - Call of the Wild [heavy and hardhitting...more of a singsong style in his flow...pit's best when the rage comes through...A-]

Pitbull - 11 - Krazy [if this was the first time hearing it, i'd swoon over opening beat sequence...calls out alicia keys...still good...B]

Pitbull - 12 - Give Them What They Ask For [verses shine since theres minimal backing instrumentation...pit's middle finger to haters...A-]

Pitbull - 13 - Across the World [B.o.B. sings just as much as pitbull raps...papi is letting his feelings show and its shockingly good...B+]

Pitbull - 14 - Daddy's Little Girl [has a major r&b influence thanks to slim from 112...great closer with a good message and nice beat...B+]

This was a hard one to do. Why? Well, nearly every track is so good, that I was tempted to hit repeat before going on to the next song. But, persistence prevailed, and Mr. 305 should be lauded for this product.

Viva la Rebelution, indeed!

mp3: Pitbull (featuring The New Royales) - Cant Stop Me Now