Been a little while since we last heard from the "does anyone really know who they are" duo of Suds & Soda. Each transmission from them is more cryptic than the next, but that doesn't stop them from churning out some righteous tunes!

This time, they take fellow Londoners', The Boxer Rebellion, and their track, Semi Automatic, and give it the 1-2 punch of a S&S Clash Up.

Here, see if you can make any sense of this.

"We hope your planets are in alignment? We hope your arms are still attached and that the 'man' is not oppressing you? We thought you might like to have a goose to this specimen we found crawling amongst our prizewinning cabbages this week. It's our Clash Up of the Boxer Rebellions 'Semi Automatic' and it made our colons rather sideways so we thought we should send it to you!

Watch out for albinos wearing lampshades.

With an onion and a spade we bid you goodbye."

Can you make any sense of it? I sure as heck can't, but then again, as long as they continue to give us these rad tunes, I suppose we're ok with it.

mp3: The Boxer Rebellion - Semi-Automatic (Suds and Soda Clash Up)